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Professorial Chair Award


The policy and guidelines shall apply to all qualified faculty members in the University.


Policy Statement

The Office for Grants, Endowments and Partnerships in Higher Education (OGEP) shall ensure that Professorial Chair Award is granted to qualified tenured faculty members.


Policy Guidelines

1.   To be qualified for Professorial Chair Award, the applicant shall meet the following prerequisites:

  • a.   Must be a tenured full-time faculty member with at least a rank of Associate Professor;
  • b.   With a doctoral degree;
  • c.   With a very satisfactory or very good competence evaluation;
  • d.   Have rendered at least five (5) consecutive years of creditable service to the University;
  • e.   Have been involved in effective teaching, productive research and creditable extension programs; and
  • f.   Be specialized in the field of discipline specified in the Chair.

2.   The applicant shall submit these two (2) requirements:

  • a.   Concise and updated curriculum vitae of the applicant; and
  • b.   Planned activities as Chairholder, if and when awarded.

3.   The Chairholder is bound by the following duties:

  • a.   Participate in training/discipleship program for younger faculty members;
  • b.   Participate in community extension service;
  • c.   Public lecture of scholarly paper;
  • d.   Publication of delivered Professorial Chair lecture; and
  • e.   Submission of semestral report on the activities undertaken in connection with the chair.

4.   Honorarium of ninety thousand pesos maximum (PhP 90,000) per annum shall be given to the grantee as a “salary topping,” separate compensation from the teaching/ research load.


Definition of Terms

1.   A Chair is a term used in educational institutions to denote an office or a position of dignity, peer recognition and prestige.

2.   A Professorial Chair is awarded to one in recognition of his/her academic excellence and meritorious service in the field of teaching and in research and who has sustained a dynamic scholarly involvement in teaching, research and in community service in accordance with the mission of the University.



Awarding of the Professorial Chair (PC):

1.   The OGEP provides a list of available PC to the Office of the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs (OVRAA).

2.   The OVRAA provides the guidelines for the PC to the Dean.

3.   The Dean makes a formal announcement of available PC to the Chairman/Faculty.

4.   The Chairman/Faculty submits the names of the candidates to the Dean.

5.   The Dean recommends the candidate for Chairholder to the OVRAA.

6.   The OVRAA endorses the candidate to the Rector.

7.   The Rector gives the formal award to the Chairholder through the Dean.

8.   The Chairholder returns the signed conforme sheet to the OVRAA.

9.   The OVRAA forwards the conforme sheet to OGEP for the implementation.


Implementation (Fund Release):

1.   OGEP provides the requirements for fund release to the Chairholder.

2.   The Chairholder submits the requirements to the Chairman and Dean for notation.

3.   The Dean forwards the required documents to the OVRAA for endorsement.

4.   The OVRAA endorses the documents to the OGEP for implementation (fund release).

5.   The OGEP releases the fund to the Chairholder.



1.   The Office for Grants, Endowments and Partnerships in Higher Education shall regularly update the Office of the Rector on its activities (on granting professorial chair award).

2.   The Office for Grants, Endowments and Partnerships in Higher Education shall update the Quality Management Office on the output of its activities (on granting professorial chair award) for purposes of quality control, quality assurance and quality audit.

3.   The Executive Assistant for Grants, Endowments and Partnerships in Higher Education shall supervise the updates and the submission of reports.



This policy shall be communicated to all units upon approval by the Director for Grants, Endowments and Partnerships in Higher Education.

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